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Apprendre dix expressions idiomatiques anglaises par semaine pour parler comme un anglais !

Comment améliorez vous votre anglais quotidiennement ?

Utiliser des expressions idiomatiques, va permettre d'améliorer votre niveau d'anglais, l'élever.

Comprendre ses expressions simplement, va vous aider dans votre compréhension linguistique.

Acid test

  • To refer to something as 'the acid test' means something that shows the true worth or value or something or someone.

"We think the product is great, but the acid test will be when we launch it next week : will people actually buy it ?

Acquired taste

  • Something that you dislike at first, but that your start to like after you have tried it a few times.

“Red wine is an acquired taste for many people”

Act of God

  • This term refers to an natural event or accident, for which no person is responsible (such as an earthquake, or tornado and similar acts of nature).

"The insurance company refused to pay for the damage because it was caused by an act of God."

A slip of the tongue

  • If you make a slip on the tongue you make a small mistake when you speak.

"I accidentally called Isabelle by her mother's name, it was just a slip of the tongue"

Get your act together

  • If you tell someone to get their act together, you mean to start to organize oneself in order to do things in an effective way.

"If he does not get her act together, he will risk losing his job."

Add fuel to the flames

  • If you add fuel to the flames, you say something that makes a difficult situation even worse.

"Screaming at her will only add fuel to the flames.

To (make) much ado about nothing

  • When people make much ado about nothing, when too much enthusiasm or excitement is shown over things that are of little importance.

There was a meeting to discuss the name for the new building "Much ado about nothing" said my friend!"

Afraid of one's own shadow

  • A person who is afraid of his/her own shadow is very nervous or easily frightened.

"You don’t know how Yannick can be a security guard. The guy’s afraid of his own shadow."

After the fact

  • If something is done after the fact, it done too late, after something has actually happened, especially a crime or an accident.

"She said he realized he had put people in danger, but that was of no help after the fact."

Against one's better judgement

  • If you do something even though you feel it is not a sensible thing to do, you do it against your better judgement.

"Lucie persuaded her to go by car, against her better judgement, and she regretted it as soon as she saw the heavy traffic."

Against the clock

  • If you do something against the clock, you are rushed and have very little time to do it.

“Lucie was racing against time to file the documents before the deadline”

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